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Steve & Elizabeth Bauer



Hello Friends! We have been happy owners of this little farm we call home since 2016. We have 4 boys - Reid, Miles, Sebastian, and Tate. We both have a deep love for this lifestyle and want the farm to be a gathering spot within the community. Our unique passions come together to make Oneka Shores happy, healthy, and restorative.


I grew up helping out on my grandfathers farm and have been a gardener since i was about 3 (according to my mom).  My love of plants and animals led me to pursue degrees in Biology and Chemistry that ultimately lead to a job in Ecology that focused on soil health and biodiversity.  After working as a scientist for a number of years, I chose to move into technology, although plants, soil and farming continued to be my passion. Today I balance a day job helping people to find fulfillment in their work  tend to the farm on evenings and weekends. I am obsessed with regenerative agriculture and the opportunity it presents to grow healthy food for our friends and family while also providing options to help heal the planet. 


I hail from rural Tennessee. The land of BBQ, Baptist Church, and Southern Belles. Things have changed a bit since then, but I still have a little belle in me at times. I

coach small businesses during the day and by night I teach yoga, cook for a small army, and cuddle cats. I'm also the one making sure Steve's 400lbs of squash make their way into meals and CSA's. Nutrition Coaching and Supper Club are also my jam. These are the intersection of food and love. I guess that describes our partnership  

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