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This little plot of land is our passion. It is our baby. And we are sharing it with you because we believe that growing your own food is good for the planet, our community, and our families and friends. 


What you put into your plot affects the plot next to yours, the water, and the health of all who interact with our soil. So we care. We care a lot. 


By joining this community garden you are connecting with the the planet and committing to leaving it better than you found it. 


We want to help you grow delicious food that nourishes both your body and the planet. We want it to be easy and enjoyable. 


Elizabeth will host weekly mini clinics in person and online that address issues we see in the health of the gardens. We will be gardening alongside you and experiences many of the same issues. 


Topics we will cover as they become relevant: Preparing the soil, what to plant and when, watering, weeding, pruning, fertilizing, pests, succession planting, harvesting, fall clean up. 


We look forward to working with you to achieve our mission of healthy, happy, restorative. 

Thanks to everyone that came to the Info Session.


All of the 2020 plots have been reserved.


We can't wait to share photos of the Garden!


  • Annual vegetables, fruits, and flowers (no raspberries, trees, or perennials)

  • Most plants can be started by May 15th either as seeds or seedlings

  • You will need to amend your soil first. For $20 we will amend your soil

  • Water daily initially then as needed once established

  • Watering- Sprinklers are not recommended. Please water your plot with a hose/hose attachment. Confirm water is turned off at the sprinkler head when you leave. You don’t need to turn it off at the house. 

  • Check in on your space at least 2 times/week for best results

  • spreading/vining plants may need a trellis (cucumbers, squash, peas)

  • We will fence the entire area. You don’t need to fence your plot.

  • Hours - you may tend your plot from 7am-7pm       Monday- Sunday

  • Parking- please park near 165th on the access entrance. Do not use the paved driveway.

  • Gardening Materials - We have a very firm no pesticide or herbicide policy. That means no roundup! We will help you with alternative products and fertilizers. 

  • You may use the mulch and manure on the property for your plot. 

  • You may use any wheel barrows, rakes, or shovels on the community site, but please plan to use your own when you can as we have limited materials to share. 

  • Distancing- please maintain 6 feet of space when possible. And for now, 1-2 people per plot working at the same time. And for their safety- no unattended children and no children under the age of 8.

  • If you need help— please text Elizabeth at 901.212.3296. Email gardening specific questions to Or flag us down!!

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