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Health Coaching for a Lifetime of Wellness 

Wellness at Oneka Shores Farm

Health Coaching is an organic extension of our expertise and passion at Oneka Shores Farm. Farm owner Elizabeth Bauer leads the wellness practice by blending her experience as a Yoga and Fitness Instructor, Cook, and Certified Functional Nutrition Coach

Careening into middle age has taught me a lot about my body. Simply put, it isn’t as forgiving as it used to be. A sleepless night, an achy body, or a bad mood gets me thinking about the reality of being half way through my life!! Now more than ever I realize that my daily actions impact the quality of my entire lifespan. Specifically, nutrition has become a critical component in improving my health, both mental and physical.


Life Span vs. Health Span

It is unfortunate that while the past century has seen an increase in lifespan, the quality of life is not enviable for most. We hit our 40’s and chronic disease and feeling like crap become the norm. We medicate and look for quick fixes while the root cause of our un-wellness goes unquestioned. 

The Oneka Wellness Program believes that we can enjoy a century of wellness. Lifespan should be a healthspan. At Oneka Shores, we demonstrate and promote a life that is actively wellness seeking. We practice mindfulness, movement, and nutrition focused eating. We coach, teach, and celebrate

nourishing your body for 100 years of wellness. 

We will offer regular drop in cooking classes and functional wellness courses in addition to small group and individual health coaching. A certified coach will meet you where you are in your wellness journey. Together, we will create realistic, challenging, and time bound plans for meeting your goals. The coaching relationship can help you work on a short term goal or it can evolve over many years as your experience life changing events. We will keep lifetime wellness as our North Star.


We Integrate 3 Pillars of Wellness:




Green Goodness





Introduction Sessions Available

Up Level Your Health Goals

We recognize that wellness priorities will change over time. We will periodically adjust the goals in each pillar to create a personalized health plan that up-levels when you are ready. We will underscore every pillar with nutritional impact. We believe that food is medicine.


We can’t say it enough- you are what you eat! Do you want to be partially hydrogenated? 


You can engage with a health coach by attending a class or by setting up free intro coaching session. In the first session we will discuss your wellness history in depth and identify what is important to you. We will set up a framework for future health coaching sessions. 



All sessions can be virtual (zoom or facetime) or in person. In person sessions will be at our farm in Hugo, MN. 

Sessions can be scheduled 1 at a time or you may work with your coach to reserve multiple sessions. Payment is due when scheduled.

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