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Conscious Omnivores

Meet Maddie. Maddie lives on our farm. She loves apples, is a great piggie aunt, and may someday become bacon.

I’ve had a lifetime struggle with animal protein. Seriously – little God and Devil kicking it on my shoulders. I’ve done so much research seeking direction about what’s truly best. But here’s the deal.

What’s best has to incorporate the following:

1. How my body feels

2. The animal experience

3. Impact to the earth

It’s very easy to believe that these elements/goals can be at odds with one another.

They are not. In fact – we can only achieve true wellness if we consider all of them.

Repeat after me:

**We can only achieve true wellness if we consider ourselves, the animals, and the earth in harmony.**

Our bodies will reflect the health of our environment. Can we be well in a sick world?

So today I’m not vegetarian or vegan. Though I have been at times and occasionally I will choose that path if I cannot respect all the elements. This may be for a meal, a day, a week, or months.

I find my way back to being a conscious omnivore because long term my body feels better that way.

Want to know more about being a conscious omnivore? Stay tuned for new classes at the farm in 2021!


At the farm we raise a few American Guinea Hogs. This heritage breed was nearly extinct several years ago. They are excellent farm helpers. They help to regenerative our land and ensure that we do not waste by eating all of our food and garden scraps. They are very kind, loving and a joy to be around. Ultimately the complete the lifecycle by nourishing our bodies. But in the process we get closer to our food in a way that can't be described in words. It's a sacred experience that is not taken lightly.

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