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We Are Giving It All Away

I’m giving everything away for free. And I need help.

For the next 12 months Oneka Wellness going to give away as much coaching, content, and support as I possibly can.


Because I was lying in bed at 4:30am this morning, again, thinking feverishly about all the things I hate about the US Healthcare system.

I’ve had a running list since I was 8, when my mom first told we could not go to the dentist for my toothache because we didn’t have insurance. This was the first of many healthcare experiences that left me reeling and confused. I’ve seen countless people close to me denied healthcare due to lack of insurance. And even when insurance existed, the premiums and copays still relegated care to ‘emergency only.’ I’ve seen this spiral into self-medication with illegal drugs, alcoholism, abuse, mental illness, suicide, and a lifetime of pain shrouded in shame.

Today my father lays in a hospital bed across the country ailing from a chronic disease that, while admittedly caused by his own lifestyle, has enslaved him to a Medicaid system that *operates and medicates* in a viscous cycle of sick care. No mention ever of diet, exercise, or self-care. In fact, he is ‘allowed’ 3 beers a day per his doctor.

And I …. an educated, certified, living example of wellness am written off as crazy when I recommend a smoothie and a walk. Literally. He’s chasing the same institutionalized dragon for a lifetime with worsening results yet I am the crazy one. This is how fucked up our healthcare system is. And very few people are asking why. Much less, expecting something better.

People in this country are slaves to a system stacked against them at every turn for their entire lives.

After decades of walking my own health journey, I obtained certifications to help others. But in that process I siloed myself inside a world that everyone I interact with knows all about integrative medicine, fasting, supplementation, meditation, and the like. I falsely believed that change was happening. Our current healthcare crisis has made it evident that this is not the case.

Outside of my silo there is still a country of people who don’t even know to question the system. They don’t know what societies look like when care is universal. When you don’t have to revolve your life around the cost of medicine. When children are taught early that the goal is to feel well all the time.

I want to destroy the current system. I want to live in a world that our health is a global interest and we don’t languish in the bottom of Maslow’s pyramid, waiting to be rescued by a pharmaceutical.

I decided by 6am that I was going to partner with organizations creating change in healthcare.

I googled “change in healthcare.” Only to find bullshit articles about improving patient care while maintaining profits. Articles written by those so entrenched in the system that change is merely an incremental shift that is still mired in money.

Then I googled ‘revolution in healthcare.’ Sadly, more of the same. More hope that AI and greater access to shitty care will be the solution.

I can’t find the change agent.

It seems that the revolution will not be televised. It will happen in our homes, small communities, and most importantly, with our children.

So I will be the change I want to see in the world. Through awareness, education, and coaching. And I’m giving it all away.

Please help me reach those that truly need support or want to be a part of leading this journey.

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